Marioara-Palagica Constantin1

1 Babeș-Bolyai University, Faculty of Geography, Departament of Regional Geography and Spatial Planning, 5-7
Clinicilor Street, Cluj-Napoca 400006, Romania, E-mail:

Abstract: The importance of the mental and mathematical criterion in the delineation of the Land of Reghin
. The use of these criteria together for the delineation of Reghin’s Land is a priority when the mental criterion does not fully reflect the mental, cultural and behavioral specificity of a population in a particular territory. Thus, the mathematical and mathematical criterion correlated with the perception of the population over „others” (alohtons) is the basic means for establishing the boundaries of the Land of Reghin over other neighboring territories. In order to accomplish this study an appropriate methodology was used: questionnaire, interview, correlated bibliographic method with mathematical method. All these have highlighted the boundaries of the mental and ethnographic space as well as the factors that led to the dilution of the mental space (though the population is called Reghin, but not before specifying the village’s matrix where it originates). The city of Reghin was the element around which it crystallized throughout the history of the Land of Reghin; gaining mental, spiritual and common attributes, thanks to a common past and shared experiences.

Key-Words: District of Reghin, mental limits, mental space, mental criterion, ethnographic criterion, identity and identifcation, perception, mathematical criterion.


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