Post-industrial landscapes in the Czech Republic – a GIS assisted search for present state
Jaromir Kolejka, Martin Klimánek


Bushfire behaviour modelling using farsite with GIS Integration for the Mitcham Hills,South Australia
Saad Alsharrah and Kim Van Tran


A GIS Tool to evaluate the spatial evolution of hydro-thermic features during growing season of vegetable crops in Elbe river lowland (Polabi)
Vera Potop, Pavel Hamouz, Pavel Zahradníček, Luboš Türkott


Vulnerability to channel migration of the Niraj river
Sanda Roşca, Dan Petrea, Ionuţ Ciprian Iacob


Methodical aspects in predicting climate vulnerability and risks
M. Nedealcov, V.Railean, R. Sirbu, R. Cojocari, A. Coiceanu


Vulnerability of mountain rivers to waste dumping from Neamt county, Romania
Mihai Florin-Constantin, Apostol Liviu, Ursu Adrian, Ichim Pavel


Aspecte ale comportamentului demografic în Munţii Apuseni
Magdalen Drăgan


Fractal dimension of urban expansion based on remote sensing images
Iacob I. Ciprian, Sanda Roşca, Dănuţ Petrea, Alexandra Blăgeanu


Utilization of HEC-RAS for flood wave modeling on example of Prut river
N. Boboc, O. Melnicuc, Iu. Bejan, Ana Jeleapov, Valentina Muntean,Viorica Angheluta


Buildings density and the air temperature of urban area
Barbara Ślesak, Damian Absalon


Evaluation of the susceptibility to landslides in the Codri Plateau using the method of frequency and rate and sig techniques
Nicolae Boboc, Iurii Bejan, Tudor Castraveţ, Pavel Ţîţu


Geocoding of trauma in children as a modeling of city risk assessment areas (GIS based method)
Damian Absalon, Barbara Ślesak, Ryszard Tomaszewski


Clasificarea Spaţiilor rurale în funcţie de riscurile demografice. Studiu de caz judeţul Botoşani
Maria-Simona Cuciureanu


GIS utility for hydrological impact evaluation caused by damages of water supply network in rural areas. Applications in Baia Mare depression
Radu Alexandru Marian, Ionel Haidu, Augustin Ionuţ Crăciun, Bogdan Văduva


Estimating annual soil loss by water erosion in the middle Prut plain, Republic of Moldova
Tudor Castraveţ


Relaţiile funciare actuale în agricultura Moldovei
I. Botnarenco, E. Zubco


Determining minimum hiking time using DEM
Zsolt Magyari-Sáska, Ştefan Dombay


Simulation of suburban development features based on scenarios in the eastern side of Iasi city
Alexandra Blăgeanu, Ionuţ-Ciprian Iacob, Lucian Roşu


Improvements of river modeling 1D data preparation
Ion-Marian Moisoiu, Johan Neuner


Aspects Regarding the necessity of a unique digital cadastral plan for a territorial-administrative unit
Mihaela Cardei


Climate risks assessment with GIS usage in Republic of Moldova
M. Nedealcov, V. Railean, R. Cojocari, R. Sirbu, A. Coiceanu


The layer “hydrogeology” necessary for elaborating landslide hazard maps using GIS
Gabriela Biali


Globalisation effects upon the economy in terms of risk and incertitude
Cristina Nitescu


Using GIS in assessing the trends in the number of people in middle and upper basin of the river Bega
Loredana Copăcean, Mihai Valentin Herbei, Silvica Oncia


Flood risk assessment in river Timis basin - the Caransebes - Lugoj sector- using GIS technique
Mihai Valentin Herbei, Loredana Copăcean, Silvica Oncia


Seven years (2004-2010) precipitation distribution in Transylvania (Romania) from daily data
Ottilia Rusz



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