Csaba Miklós Kovács


”Babeş-Bolyai” University, Faculty of Geography, 400009 Cluj-Napoca, Romania, csaba@geografie.ubbcluj.ro


ABSTRACT. – The Dimensions and Meanings of Integration in the Socio-Human Sciences. The notion of integration is widely used in the great majority of human sciences, often without defining its exact meaning. This study is aiming to clarify the main dimensions and the most usual senses of the term, starting with the probably most important category, the system integration. The methodological distinction between the social and the cultural integration might be theoretically founded, but in the practice it is difficult to separate the two categories, as they often refer to the same concrete situation, thus they are strongly interconnected. The regional integration, most familiar for geographers, is supposed to “integrate” the other forms of integration, as it practically concerns all the aspects of human life, basically relying on the systems’ theory and analysing the problems form the spatial point of view.

 Cuvinte cheie:  integrare, organizaţie, asimilare, multiculturalitate.



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