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1 Universitatea din București, Facultatea de Geografie, Departamentul de Geografie Regională și Mediu, Bd. Nicolae Bălcescu, nr.1, sector 1, București, Romānia,

Abstract: Perspectives for the development of electrical mobility. Air pollution, especially in large urban areas, is a reality that is more and more difficult to bear. It is also known that pollution is responsible for the premature death of millions of people worldwide. Between the sources of pollution, road transport has a significant contribution. Under these circumstances, it is imperative to develop alternative technologies, including electric mobility. The gradual replacement of internal combustion engine vehicles is also necessary in view of the fact that they use fuels from non-renewable resources. Currently, electric cars are less attractive due to the high cost, infrastructure or charge rate of electric batteries. In addition, the electricity consumed mainly comes from fossil fuels. Thus, in the future, the expansion of electric mobility and the achievement of the pollution reduction target will depend on the technological improvements in the field, the accessibility and the price of raw materials and the widespread use of renewable energy sources.

Key-Words: electric vehicles, air pollution, carbon dioxide emissions, factors of influence


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