Particularită ți ale ciclului de viață al destinațiilor turistice rurale

Radu Cocean1, Luiza Maria Souca1

1 Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai, Facultatea de Științe Economice și Gestiunea Afacerilor Str. Teodor Mihali, Nr. 58-60, 400591, Cluj-Napoca, Romānia

ABSTRACT: Specificities of the Life Cycle of Rural Tourism Area Destinations - This is an exploratory article, that focuses on the specificities of the tourism area life cycle for rural tourism destinations. We start by laying down the theoretical framework and then we focus on a case study from Romania (Vama, Suceava). Based on our findings, we suggest that, for rural tourism destinations, the stages of involvement, development and consolidation can be treated as a single growth stage, that is likely to be followed by a long-term stabilization. Decline and rejuvenation are unlikely, unless brought about by a major external shock. The article recommends that these conclusions should be treated as hypotheses to be tested using quantitative research.

Cuvinte cheie: ciclu de viață al destinațiilor turistice, turism rural, studiu de caz, Vama, Bucovina, atracții turistice, implicare, dezvoltare, consolidare, stagnare, declin, restart, creștere, stabilizare.


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