1 Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai, Facultatea de Geografie, Str. Clinicilor nr. 5-7, Cluj-Napoca, România.

Abstract: - The importance of the mental criterion in delineating the District of Ciceu. The use of the mental criteria for the delineation of the District of Ciceu becomes a priority when it allows the identification of the mental, behavioural and cultural elements specific to a population who is settled for ages in this territory. These elements, along with the population’s perception compared with the sense of belonging to the District of Ciceu and depending on the inhabitants’ common consciousness by reference to the ”other”, become means of delineating the district (”ținut”) from other areas. In this study, the mental delineation of the District of Ciceu District is done using the appropriate methodology, including survey,, which, by means of its main research instrument - the questionnaire - has highlighted not only the mental limits of the District of Ciceu, but also a number of factors that have led to the dilution of mental space in some parts of it, to insignificant, since we find that during the current period the man is identified with the space of the ”district” just around the nucleus which formed the basis of its design – the Ciceu Fortress. The mental criterion helped shape a unique mental space, crystallized in historical time and fortified by the material and spiritual attributes of a population with a common past and a noteworthy social experience.

Key words: District of Ciceu, mental criterion, identity, mental limits, perception, mental space, questionnaire, self-identification


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