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Abstract: – In our time, space has got a changed connotation as compared to the ones advanced by Newton and Kant, or even to later elaborations on this subject. Based on a brief analysis of a number of conceptualizations of space in some disciplines, the present article argues in favor of the thesis of the “plasticity of space”: space has the capacity and the possibility to get shapes and to allow for developments from the part of those who occupy it, and, as a matter of fact, those who live it. Consequently, one can speak about the “plurality of the concept of space”: we no longer have a single, all comprising space, similarly to a huge vase with the walls placed infinitely away, since we have different types of space, according to the structure aimed at and the events going on.

Key-Words : spaţiu, plasticitatea spaţiului, pluralitate, geografie, filosofie



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